Thank you for being a part of The Feast Hackathon 2013! We are very excited to be working

with you, and we’re so grateful that you are dedicating some of your time to help make the world

a better place!

First, some basic rules:

All Hackathon participants must work on a hack related to one of this year's topical Challenges:

• Veterans • Learning • Health

Hackathon participants will work in teams of 3-4 and are encouraged to continue developing

projects between the conclusion of the Hackathon and their presentation at the conference Oct.


And the logistics:

The Feast Hackathon's partners have agreed to evaluate each project as a candidate for

continued development, and may build upon hacks after the conclusion of the Hackathon.

Representative from a number of organizations will be on hand to answer questions and

generally assist participants, including representatives from HASTAC 0 & The MacArthur

Foundation. We will also have representatives on-hand from the Digital Media & Learning

Competition0, a separate initiative of HASTAC0 and The MacArthur Foundation.

To be clear, anyone is welcome to apply to the Digital Media & Learning Competition0, but

participation in the FEAST Hackathon does not constitute an endorsement by HASTAC or the

MacArthur Foundation. All submissions to the DML Competition will be judged on their own

merit and mu0st be made separately and apart from participant entry in the FEAST Hackathon.

All intellectual property developed as part of the FEAST Hackathon shall be distributed in

accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution License (cc) (by).

That’s it! Thanks for taking the time to read the above, and for being a part of this year’s Feast